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List of the various massages

Deep Tissue Massage involves that the therapist applies firm pressure to reach deeper layers of muscles in order to release tensions and pain which restrain postural mobility and range of motion.

Massage therapists use fingertips, knuckles, elbows and forearms in a deep tissue to achieve relaxation and an effective pain relief.

When muscles and fascia tense up they receive less oxygen which may lead to a toxin accumulation stored in muscles.

Patrice will adapt adequate pressure and adjust it according to each case. This massage will both eliminate muscle pain and tension and flush out toxins. It will improve blood flow increasing the level of oxygen in the blood.



Abdominal massage


Your belly is not just an accumulation of guts! It is a far more intricate system, now recognized as a messenger between the enteric nervous system and the brain, a connection with emotions and a receptor of our personality. There are numerous expressions with the word stomach or belly such as “at the pick of your stomach” or “butterflies in my stomach”...

Scientists are aware of the intricate connexions of organs in the stomach and they call it “the little brain”. A human being has neurons, proteins and serotonin receptors in his guts as well as in his brain. Such a statement means that stomach is a major mediator of the connexions between the abdomen well being and emotional health. Thus, all mood disorders such as anger, fear or chronic stress, shall we be conscious about it or not, may induce chronic disorder in the long run.

These intestinal and viscera tensions could create structural disorders and induce pain in guts, neck or even shoulders and legs.

The massage session aims at:

  • Flushing out metabolism waste to get rid of toxin storage thus stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  • To strengthen organs and viscera in order to restore energy.
  • To alleviate emotional disorders and released, hidden or denied feelings and emotions.
  • To enhance self conscience of our being.

Customized Massage

Be ready for a holistic experience choosing a dim light and gentle music and experiment a massage session with Patrice, a blind therapist with an exceptional touch. This session will help you to give away your complex and feel confident.

The session’s purpose is to get rid of stress, stabilizing alpha brain waves to gain a peaceful state of mind. The massage boosts endorphins which are the neurochemicals of happiness and it eliminates pain and stress. In order to reach a deep relaxation, the session combines various techniques such as slow strokes, skim over, pressure, drainage and accupressure.

Asian shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage was developed in Japan.

The principle of Shiatsu is to use finger pressure more particularly with thumbs to attain specific pathways called meridians in order to cure different illnesses and restore relaxation.

Mostly designed as a massage, Shiatsu is mainly a means to balance the natural flow of energy throughout the body.

Through a regular maintenance program of Shiatsu with Patrice everyone may find enhanced benefits, but even one single session can be very helpful to alleviate stress and soothe away energy blockages.


Warm oil massage

Warm oil massage is a soothing method to relieve from stress, pain and tensions and to reach a deep relaxation.

The use of essential oils is an effective and natural way to benefit from plants and helps to reduce everyday stress and tensions.

Origins of warm oil massage:

Warm oil massage therapy finds its origins in Thailand and South India. It is an alternative of the traditional Thai massage. Traditional Thai medicine includes the use of plants to cure pains such as stress, muscle and joins tensions, headaches, migraine and to improve blood circulation.

It is recommended to drink a lot of water after the massage session

Hot Stone Massage

The use of hot stones for health purposes dates back thousands of years.

In many countries hot stones are implemented for healing purposes such as in China 4000 years ago but also in Japan for the AMMA seated massage.

In Africa stones are part of healing rituals as well as in Europe to warm up saunas, in Polynesia for healing purposes and Amerindia to melt away tiredness and stimulate blood circulation.

What kind of stones are used for this therapy ?

Massage therapists use basalt stones, a kind of igneous rock with a high iron level.

These stones are flat and smooth and once they are water-heated at 50 or 60 degrees they keep a constant temperature and remain hot for a long time. They are placed at key points and lie on the body correctly.

They stimulate key points of energy. The heat melts away tension, ease muscle stiffness and  provides deep muscle relaxation. The heat also favours a better rest, enhances oil penetration in the skin. The therapist also incorporates stones in his strokes: muscle rolling, kneading and skim over pressures etc.

What is to expect of a session?

The therapist will ask preliminary questions to structure the session according to your needs and goals. You will be asked to remove your clothes and wear a disposable undergarment, you’ll lie on the massage table underneath the provided towel which covers your body. Massage therapist will use oil and check on pressure and comfort throughout your appointment. All along the session the therapist will use stones and maintain contact with smooth strokes then skin rolling, kneading and frictions all over your back. After that he will put the stones all along your spine, hands and feet. It induces a complete relaxation.

The whole sequence aims at approaching a general well-being, soothing away stress and tensions.The heat stimulates blood flow, muscles get warm and tensions disappear. Draining benefits of this massage include the elimination of toxins and to minimize cellulite.


Californian massage in Paris

This technique was created in the 60s at the Ensalen Institute in California with a framework of psycho-corporal massages. It can be part of a therapy along with a psychotherapist.

This massage integrates long fluid and sensory strokes (in the meaning of sensitivity) and harmonious movements both at a quick or slow rhythm which carve and wrap the body inviting the person who receives it to abandonment and deep relaxation.The use of oil support contributes to the fluidity of the massage.


The Ayurvedic massage is mentioned in all medicine books as an integral part of a healing program as well as the daily routine recommended for overall good health and well-being. In India ayurvedic massage is performed by everyone in the family from 6 years old. When a mother gives birth she and her baby are granted an everyday massage for 40 days.

Benefits of the Ayurvedic massage:

On top of the healing qualities, it is a kind and thoughtful act of love. It nourishes your body, skin, brain, mind and soul from birth to death. In addition to its relaxing assets, it provides far more benefits:

  • It softens and smoothes your skin, stimulates and relaxes muscles and tissues, tones the whole physiology and helps to get a nice shaped body.
  • It emulates warmth in your body, improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • It stimulates oxygen flow in the internal organs.
  • It helps the body to flush out toxins.
  • It tunes up the resistance to illnesses and optimizes the immune system.
  • It makes you feel lighter and full of energy.
  • It emulates your posture and relaxes your joints.
  • It stretches your spine, boosts stamina and nerve regeneration.
  • It increases your sexual vitality and your strength.
  • It balances electromagnetic energy flow throughout your body.


Swedish massage

Swedish massage therapy was developed by Pehr Heinrich Ling between 1797 and 1820. His therapy based on a combination of experience and health matters knowledge became the most popular in Sweden and source of various other massage therapies. The Swedish massage aims at achieving a deep and full body relaxation. In order to get long-term benefits, Patrice will overcome all muscles knots combining different strokes to relax your body. The Swedish massage involves various techniques of pressure to release muscle tensions, anxiety, a bad body posture or pain due to repetitive movements. Patrice will adapt a massage according to each morphology and expectations of the receiver to fit everyone (young or elderly). This deep massage focuses on long-term benefits and well-being.




Hawaiian lomi lomi massage in Paris

A translation of Hawaiian « Lomi Lomi » could be « loving hands’ massage ». This deep and gentle massage enables to relax and achieve a complete relief of body and mind. An anti-stress experience to get rid of everyday tensions, to calm down and restore energy. Lomi Lomi is an uncommon technique. The therapist will use his arms and forearms to give fluid and rhythmic motions on each side of the body which is quite pleasant for the receiver. The strokes help to release knots on the neck, shoulders and trapezoïds but also tensions due to emotional ailments. The range of long sweeping, quick and slow motions refer to rolling waves on the body.


Balinese massage in Paris 8

Balinese massage, also called Pijat Bali or Pijat, is a mixture of different influences such as Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Ayurvedic techniques.

The session includes a first massage without oil to release all tensions with pressure point, skin rolling, stretches, frictions and a second massage using essential oil to work on energy pathways to alleviate muscular tensions and stimulate blood flow, lymph drainage and mind relaxation. It is a full body treatment very helpful for back pain, neck and shoulders tensions.


Deep sports massage

Sports massage is a tonic manipulation which stimulates blood flow and helps to prevent and heal injuries. This invigorating and restorative benefit helps you to feel relax and full of energy.

When your muscles tighten the restriction of oxygen can lead to bring aches and toxin accumulation. Patrice will manipulate soft tissues and focus on adequate pression. The purpose is to get prepared for a good conditioning before a running session. A tonic friction on your legs will stimulate and heat muscles improving blood flow and boosting stamina. It also activates endorphins (hormones of happiness) which help to boost your well-being before your training. With the credit on his Olympic career, Patrice’s massage therapy intends to help you reach your competitive goals and make up an alternative to physiotherapists who no longer provide massages.

It also helps to alleviate cramps and brings quicker rehabilitation once you’ve performed running.

Friction strokes are a flush for lactic acid and toxin elimination and increase blood flow. Massage therapy enhances relaxation and decreases muscle tension. It helps to withdraw post-workout muscle spasms. Thus you feel better for the next run.

Il heals your muscles soreness

This massage helps to alleviate cramps but also attenuates aches like muscle soreness.It is highly recommended to stretch progressively, to drink a lot of water and include a high potassium diet food (bananas, dried fruit, vegetable soups). Even though you get sore muscles, sports massage will bring adequate heat to your body and help to get rid of that.

A hot shower or warm bath are also recommended.

This massage therapy isn’t appropriate to heal serious injuries such as muscle strains or muscle tears.

Boost your well-being

This kind of massage helps to heal and take care of your body on top of that they are a very pleasant way to relax after a running session and enhance your feeling of well-being. Sport massage in addition to other massages is an anti-stress and a means to eliminate stiffness, reduce anxiety and depression.

Based on your goals, this massage can be used either as a pre-training, post-training or rehabilitation session.



Low back, chest and abdo massage

We will test arm amplitude before and after the massage session. Massage of the back, arms, hands, tendons attachments, skull, sacrum, supra and infraspinatus, trapezius, levator scapulae, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, triceps,forearms and hands, subscapularis, teres major and teres minor, quadratus lumborum, gluteus maximus, splenius.

Stretching of latissimus dorsi

Abdomen massage, sternum, pectorals, arms, hands, neck face and skull.

Massage of iliac muscles, upper and lower abdo muscles, psoas, pectoralis minor muscles, spapularis muscles intercostal, front deltoïds, biceps forearms and arms, trapezius, splenius, scalene, sternocleidomastoïd muscles.

Stretching of the neck, arms, back and shoulders, face muscles and skull.


Foot reflexoloy in Paris 8

Reflexology is a natural healing practice based on the belief that foot is a miniaturized representation of the body. Each part of the body refers to reflex points on the feet which correspond to different organs and glands.

Each reflex point on the feet is linked with one part of the body.

In reflexology adequate pressure is applied on reflex points to reach the perfect balance of the body.Reflexology is a non intrusive, smooth and deep therapy. It stimulates self-healing physiological process to maintain a stable internal balance called homeostasis.

With almost 7200 nerve endings on each foot, Patrice will apply pressure to unblock channels and restore proper health and organ functions as the brain displays endorphins.

Foot in Chinese stands for ”defender of the body’s health”.

Reflexology helps to maintain a good health and is key to keep a good hygiene of life.


Head massage in Paris

The head massage is part of ancient Indian practice also called Shirodhara massage, very well-known for its numerous benefits. It is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and praised for promoting a deep well being and a very useful therapy in case of headaches.


  • It fights against fatigue
  • It reduces stress
  • It relieves headaches.
  • It provides better sleep
  • It minimizes neck and spine stiffness

Patrice will use gentle and adequate pressure on top of the head and temples. It relieves stress and compression, it can sooth mind and improve blood flow as well as restore energy (Qi) in your head. Patrice will roll and knead the eye contour zone, the forehead, the temples and jaws to provide a deep and peaceful relaxation.


Transverse friction massage

Also called cross fiber massage, this technique is performed for athletes to train and increase their goals decreasing the risk of injuries and lesions. Patrice will adapt accurate pressure of different techniques (Swedish massage, compression, acupression, transverse massage to the tissue fibers, flexibility on articulations, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy (i.e cold therapy used in medical treatments) for high level athletes or sports aficionados.


Prenatal Massage - Baby Massage

This massage provides long and smooth strokes to achieve a deep relaxation both physically and mentally. The therapist uses sesame and argan oil which are extremely rich in vitamin E, A and B, they are skin moisturizers and cells’ boosters and moreover help to increase blood flow.

They are particularly beneficial to give skin a natural boost and anti-aging glow and to hydrate and soften it. They also help to prevent unsightly stretch marks.

Prenatal massage is a break, an overall moment of wellness to share with your baby. A plain relaxation that mother and baby deserve all along pregnancy.

In addition to skin benefits it can help for a better night sleep, a better blood and lymph circulation, a relief in case of cramps and backaches.

An appropriate work on breathing will help to find a deep relaxation and relief of gastrointestinal disorders which are most common during pregnancy.

  • It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulations
  • It stimulates lactation if necessary
  • It relieves edema, swelling and painful legs
  • It alleviates stiff neck and shoulders
  • It reduces cramps
  • It boosts relaxation
  • It improves your energy
  • It helps to realign your posture and center of gravity
  • It helps to recover a better sleep
  • For a belly massage it alleviates low belly pain

The skin to skin contact is mostly important for baby development and well-being. We strongly advise a massage for your baby with Patrice to relax and feel at ease.

Benefits of the therapy for the baby:

  • It helps communication and strengthens the relationship with the parents
  • It reinforces the confidence and relationship with other people.
  • It optimizes his relaxation and overall well-being
  • It gives him a better sleep
  • It alleviates pains like colics, constipation and teething
  • It develops body self consciousness.

Corporate massage

Get a stress reliever and complete wellness at work for your employees.

Choose a customized session at your convenience adapted to your workplace.

The target is to relieve from office stress,fatigue and work tensions.

Based on traditional Chinese therapy, Patrice works on energy flow recovery.


  • A stress reduction
  • A mental clarity
  • A spiritual alertness
  • A better productivity: a minus 50% service rating mistakes


Your employees will feel relaxed, more focused on their work.

In order to adapt my sessions to your needs, please contact me by phone 0627115328 or by email: contact@senmartin-massage.fr

My office is located 89 rue du Commerce 75015 Paris but we can meet at your place.

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